Mark Pearl

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I've been involved in creating software for over two decades. Most of the time I have gotten it wrong, sometimes I've gotten it right. As I get older it feels like I am getting it right more often. I find nothing more fulfilling than being involved in creating something that has a real impact on other people's lives.

I love sharing the insights I have gained from these experiences with others - I do this by speaking at events, writing and facilitating workshops.

Speaking at Events

Over the years I have had an opportunity to speak to a range of audiences - from a handful of people to hundreds. Some of these sessions have been recorded and can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

I have found that speaking on things I have personal experience with leads to deeper insights for both myself and those in attendance.

If you are involved in software development at a team level I recommend my talk "Insights gained from Team Tourism" to help spark new ideas you can try with your team.

For audiences that may be experiencing frustration with continously changing requirements or high defect rates I recommend "Understanding intrinsic attributes of software development".

For the purely developer based audiences "The Four Rules of Simple Design and related Code Design Insights" always goes down well.

Of course, if you have a specific topic or theme in mind - I'm happy to design a session that better fits your needs - contact me to find out more.


Read my latest writings on my active blog

If you would like a walk down memory lane, my pre 2013 thoughts can be found on GeeksWithBlogs.

Reviews on the books I have read can be found on my book review site.

Facilitating Workshops

I offer the following 1 days workshops.

  • 'Legacy Code - Digitally Remastered' - a deep dive into patterns & practices for effective refactoring of C# code using ReSharper.

I offer the following 2 days workshops.

  • 'Code Craft' - writing clean, testable and expressive object oriented code.

  • 'Understanding Graph Databases using Neo4j' - An introduction to graph databases for intermediate & senior software developers.

Public workshops are offered on demand and happen when enough people sign up. If you are interested in attending, let me know and I will add you to the pool.

I also facilitate on site company workshops.


I currently reside in Johannesburg, South Africa - you can contact me via the details below...